Newsletter Term 2 2022
6 October, 2022 by
Newsletter Term 2 2022
FANS Marketing

Bonjour from the Committee  

What a busy term it has been for our students and families!
With the school’s doors now wide open for parents, as well as health restrictions relaxing throughout the State, there was much relief for school activities returning to normal. And there was also joy to see events finally taking place inside our school and families being allowed to mingle again. 

This past term, FANS was highly active with its educational programs and a series of events it staged. On that note, we hope you can find the time to read some of our important news and term highlights. We hope you enjoy your upcoming holidays and get some deserved rest! 

The FANS Committee 

The AGM Highlights

On 8th June 2022, for the second consecutive year running, we held our AGM at KHPS’ new auditorium.
After providing a sound financial overview as well as reporting on our past and ongoing projects, we elected the members of the 2022-23 FANS Committee.  Three new board members will be joining the team: Sophie Le Gall (our new treasurer), Isabelle Dellerba (our new secretary) and Xavier Heyman (as a general member). 

From left to right: Jeremy Dupuit, Clemence Duprat, Terrence Moloney,  

Isabelle Dellerba, Janos Jersch, Xavier Heyman, Sophie Le Gall,  

Coralie Andrade, Emilie Waiss, Marianne Alla

FANS New Look

FANS’ visual identity, or appearance, is evolving.  After a few months of behind-the-scenes work accomplished by the FANS committee and a few volunteers, we have defined FANS’ mission statement, values, promise and vision. This was kicked off with a well-orchestrated branding workshop with a wide array of participants representing our diverse school community. 

Here is a card displaying the elements forming FANS’ vision: 

This vision will help us drive forward our projects, improve our communication overall, and ensure all stakeholders and members have a clearer understanding and expectations around what we offer and what we represent.


Consequently, one of our first projects was to evolve and modernise our logo and align it with our mission and values. We reached out to a selection of professional graphic designers and after a set of revisions and discussions at board level, we all agreed to adopt this new logo: 

Our new logo, along with a refreshed visual look reflecting our brand will gradually appear on all our future communication and projects. 

New Fees for 2023

One of the key points discussed at the AGM, was also the impact of two Covid lockdowns and the absence of the numerous fundraising events we run annually. Our past treasurer, Christine Charron-Doucet, explained in detail the financial forecast – which has led us to the necessary decision to raise our fees to the following: 


  • $1,570 per student for the Anglophone stream ($1,530 if paid upfront) 

  • $3,955 per student for the Francophone stream ($3,855 if paid upfront) 

These fee increases will help secure the financial viability of our bilingual program and ensure it remains open for all students in an inclusive manner. All the details, the financial reporting along with new projects FANS is rolling out, have been captured in the 2022 AGM minutes - click here


The best thing about events in 2022?! They’re back!

40kg of potatoes, 36 kg of raclette cheese, 4 kg of lettuce and almost 100 bottles of wine responsibly drunk... by 135 guests altogether! Our long-awaited first event, ‘the raclette night’, was a huge success. 

This was quickly followed by a joint fundraiser with the P&C on Election Day where sizzling sausages and generously-donated cakes were a welcomed treat for voters and their kids in tow. 


4 weeks later, “La Fête de la Musique” or “Sounds of Killarney” blew our mind! This event had been nipped in the bud in 2021, but blossomed this year for the greatest pleasure of all involved. This great community event and showcase of KHPS bands, strings and local talents emerged from a stronger-than-ever collaboration with the P&C. Such a good synergy between the co-organisers, at both management and volunteer level. We’ll keep the ball rolling next year! 

Some talented musicians 

One of the wonderful teams 

Not too bad for one term, right? But there’s more to come... 

Save the dates

Saturday 13th August:  Trivia
Would you like to tease your brain and outwit your neighbours? Then, book your babysitter for our Trivia Night, this year in partnership with the P&C.

Sunday 6th November: The French Market 
Start spreading the word for the return of........ the French Market! Make sure you
note this in your calendar, this is exciting news for our community. 

Bilingual Program

Canadian Consulate 

Did you know that the Canadians are the 2nd biggest French-speaking community at KHPS? Earlier this term, we had the pleasure of hosting the Canadian Consul and Vice-Consul in an aim to further develop our partnerships, to promote our bilingual program to their fellow citizens, but also to spread the word around their cultural events and ours. 

Alliance Française 

Opportunities to collaborate and tighten our relationship with the Alliance Française abound! This year, the DELF Prim exam is back on and will take place inside the school for Year 6 students. We are also working behind the scenes towards the promotion of our educational program, training for FANS and DoE staff, as well as sharing our resources and promoting each other’s cultural events. It is a dynamic partnership that is shaping up! 


Poetry Competition 

Who doesn’t remember practising their ‘recitation’ at home? The poetry competition is a staple at KHPS and it is a great opportunity to share some knowledge around French children literature and develop students’ oral skills. It was open again to all KHPS students, and some very talented English-first joined in! 

There were 14 winners, one Francophone and one Anglophone in each grade. 

French Learning After Year 6

We ran an info session on 17th May. These sessions are held twice a year in collaboration with Killarney Heights High School (KHHS) and present the different options to further your French education.  The next session will be held in November. 


Over the last few years, the Advanced French course at KHHS has gathered strength and popularity with a bigger student intake as well as the possibility to opt for either a Prior Learner (Anglophone) or a French Background speaker (Francophone) stream. FANS complements this offer with DELF courses as well as discussion and research-based courses such as our History-Geography program – and ensure that French courses are accessible to all the students from various high schools. 


Year 5 and Year 6 parents had the opportunity to get first-hand information in an interactive session format with the teachers and, the feedback is loud and clear:  

“Meeting the teachers and course administrators from FANS and KHHS is invaluable; you can ask them questions about the methods and the course content, find out more about the objectives and the diplomas, and ensure you’re making the right choices and achieve the best outcomes for your children"  

At this event, a selection of KHHS students from both streams stole the show. Julia F., Suade W. and Sophie R. all students in Year 12 provided inspiring and insightful testimonials about their French learning experience both through FANS and KHHS and reinforced how valuable their bilingual education has been:  

“It can open doors at university level, with French getting a higher ATAR compared to other HSC subjects.