The French Market is back!
All the information you need to get involved and enjoy our major cultural event.
10 October, 2022 by
The French Market is back!
FANS Marketing

Did you know that FANS has been organising the French Market for almost 20 years? It is the main fundraising source of FANS and the event is a key driver to maintain financial sustainability of the French bilingual program.

This year will be the 16th edition of the French Market. From a small local school party attended by the local community to an iconic event welcoming nearly 10,000 visitors at the last edition, the French Market is now recognised as the French cultural celebration bringing people together from all over Sydney and beyond: one of the biggest French cultural highlights in New South Wales.

Visiting the French Market at Killarney Heights is like going on a trip around France! Children can spend their day going back and forth between crêpes and waffles, a myriad of delicacies on offer and a many rides and games. Their parents can sample fine regional food products from the four corners of France while listening to French music.


Event promotion

We update regularly our Facebook page with new details of the French Market. Like, comment and share any posts you may see on Facebook to spread the word. 

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Posters distribution

Please help us distribute posters and flyers at your local shops, community groups, clubs, libraries, etc. The North Shore must become Bleu Blanc Rouge!

Posters and flyers can be collected at the FANS office from 8.30am to 3pm from Monday 17 October.


FANS Stalls – We need you!

In addition to the 50+ professional merchants present at the French Market 2022, FANS will be running 15+ stalls. The FANS stalls already have 'stall coordinators': we thank them for their time and hard work. However, we need more volunteers to help them out.

Whether selling cakes, crepes, quiches, all the stalls are run by volunteers. Please help us to make it happen! How about signing up with friends or family? We especially need hands for the Barbecue - Croque- Monsieurs - Quiches & Salads stalls. As well as for Logistics, on Saturday and Sunday to set up the Market and extra equipment. How to help? Nothing easier! And there are plenty of options!

Please visit & register on the ONLINE ROSTER. Make sure you check all the tabs!


FANS Stalls – We thank you!

For this edition, we have incredible sponsors. If you or your company can help, please contact us at: As an example, a parent who works at SEB was able to offer products from TEFAL such as crepes pans, portable induction hobs, chopping boards and a great prize for the raffle valued at $2,500!


Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets have been given to all students at KHPS. Tickets are to be sold by Monday 1 November. To get new booklets, the students have to hand the funds collected with the stubs of their booklets sold:

- Before school – From 8.30am to 9.00am (FANS Office);
- After school – From 3.00pm to 3.30pm (FANS Office);
- At recess – At the back of Athlone stairs on the handball court at the FANS table set up specifically for this.

When asking for a new booklet, we will check and record the tickets sold so we can follow the best sellers. The top 3 sellers will win a prize to spend at the Market – First prize is a wristband for unlimited rides on Market day!

There are almost $5,000 worth of prizes offered by our sponsors.

Visit the French Market Raffle Webpage for the prizes list